Living amongst the heavenly designs of carpets, paintings and illustrated dishes depicting lovers surrounded by birds singing and musical instruments breaking the silence of image through playing the tune of affection derived from rich Persian literature, has summoned me into the world of sheer beauty of Persian miniature painting and its heavenly illustrations from an early age. Following this passion up to receiving my doctorate degree I decided to present all admirers of this pure world overflowing with love and elegance with Elham Collection-this being the least I can do in fulfilling my duty to present the culture of Persian imagery and literature through searching these heavenly concepts..

Papers and Researches:

  • Nature and its resplendence in Persian and Chinese Painting
  • Tuti-nama in Cleveland museum, the evolution platform for Hamza-nama’s Mughal Painting Style
  • Landscape and Perspective in Persian Painting
  • Study of the influence of Persian painters in the Indian Gurkani Court
  • The study of Sassanid Paintings effects on Sogdiana mural painting.
  • The study of the process of nature aesthetics in single figurative miniatures of the Isfahan school.
  • An approach to the traditional criticism: stylistic analysis on Tuti-nama (book of parrot) miniatures.
  • The continuity of the artistic tradition of the illustrated book of omens of first century of the Safavid period and the reign of Sultan Ahmad the first: a comparison between the book of Safavid Tahmasepi and Sultan Ahmad the first.
  • A comparative study of three version of Tuti -nama of Indian Gurkani court.
  • Nature and its resplendence in Persian and Chinese Painting


  • Certificate of participation in the National Professional Seminar on Marketing and Sales at Tehran University
  • Certificate of completion of the Professional Seminar on Marketing and Sales held by the ANCCP Academy
  • Certificate of attendance in the Professional Seminar on Advertising and Branding held by the IQS Academy
  • Certificate of completion of the Business Management and Marketing course at Tehran University Business Department.